Tooth Replacement Options



Tooth replacement is done for just two reasons, aesthetics, and functionality. One of many dental issues that some individuals face is the loss of teeth or getting them removed because of decay or damage. Dental decay is often due to poor oral cleanliness, but dental damage can be due to a high-impact on the teeth as a result of sporting injuries along with other forms of accidents. - get a tooth replaced by austin periodontist

Replacing teeth can be quite a costly affair, however the prices vary based on the replacement option. Nevertheless, it is crucial for your replacement procedure being done properly. You dentist will let you know on the best replacement options, it's important for you to know the various options available in this region of dentistry.


The reference to dentures has many people associating them with older people. Dentures are at times called dentures; they are prosthetics teeth that seem to be such as the natural teeth; however, they are removable prosthetics. Alternatively, dentists can fashion partial dentures or full dentures depending you the variety of missing teeth. The replacement process includes using a mold place in the mouth area that'll be accustomed to make a copy of one's dental structure. The mold is then taken to the workshop to achieve the dentures developed to your unique dental needs. While dentures are important for many cases, they can cause pain and discomfort. However, the dentist should brief yourself on all possible problems and just the correct remedies.


Bridges are perfect for some people that have military services weapons tooth or perhaps a gap involving the teeth. Much like the name suggesting, this primary function of this dental replacement option is bridging the visible difference. For the bridges to operate there needs to be teeth on both sides of the bridge. The dentist will require measurements of the gap and present this info to some dental workshop the location where the bridges are fashioned. The dentist will likely then work with one's teeth on either side as well as on the gums in planning to fix the bridge. The initial bridge will be temporary to prevent damaging the gum or teeth and also to set the stage to get a permanent bridge.

Teeth implants make an even more involves and advanced option compared to the utilization of prosthetics style dentures or the bridges. The dentist will first look at the teeth and make preparations them for your procedure. The dentist will implant a titanium device in to the jaw that will behave as the root structure for the implants. Due to the nature from the process, it is usually done by a qualified dental surgeon. The implant fastened to the artificial root can be created of metals such as titanium, gold, or silver, or porcelain. Porcelain implants are designed to look like natural teeth.

As the above tooth replacement options can be done as independent procedures, there are specific cases when the dentist will use a combination of two or the 3 procedures. The dentist will invariably perform a thorough assessment with the teeth as well as the gum to determine the best dental replacement procedures. - get a tooth replaced by austin periodontist